Vol. 8 Num. 2 2015

Thysanoptera (Insecta) recorded from Saudi Arabia, Part II. Suborder Tubulifera
Al Bandari Fahad Al Yousef

Effect of Different Coloured Light Traps on Captures and Controlling Wax Moth (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae).
Mahmoud S. O. Mabrouk and Mohamed Abdel-Moez Mahbob

Checklist of the family Anthomyiidae (Diptera) from Saudi Arabia
Al Bandary F. Al Yousef and Lamya Ahmed Al Keridis

Effect of lufox on haemolymph and ovarian protein in the soft tick, Argas persicus.
Wafaa A. Radwan, Nadia Helmy, Nawal M. Shanbaky, Reda F. A. Bakr, Dalia A. M. Salem and Amira E. Abd ElHamid

Susceptibility of Certain Fruit Trees to Infestation With the White Peach scale, Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (Targioni -Tozzetti), With Some Ecological Aspects
Adnan A. El-Sayed Darwish

Strong Impact of Five Genetic and Non-genetic Factors Exerting Their Effects on Honey bee Queens to Increase Bee honey Production
Sawsan M. Abdelmegeed

Comparative Studies on the Antennal Sense Organs of Queen and Worker Honey Bees, Apis mellifera L.
Sawsan M. Abdelmegeed and Sawires S. G.

Snout Beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) Fauna from Northern Khorasan Province of Iran
Zahra Hoseini and Abu Fazel Dousti

Species Richness and Abundance of Hymenopterous Parasitoids of the Family of Braconidae (Subfamily Aphidiinae) Within A barley Agro-ecosystem in Hail Region, Saudi Arabia.
Khalid A. Asiry

Using Red Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) Extract to Improve Silk Production of Mulberry Silkworm (Bombyx mori l.)
Saad I. A. I., Rehab H. Taha and A. S. F. Sherif

Using Certain Inorganic Salts as a Chemosterilant Against Cotton Leafworm Spodopter alittoralis (Boisd.)
Marwa M. El-Sabagh, Shimaa M. Desoky and Yasmein E. Ahmed

Heat Unit Accumulation for The Two-Spotted Spider Mite, Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae) On Potato And Tomato Crops Under Climatic Changes
Abolmaaty S. M., Amna M. H. Maklad and Naglaa F. Reyad

The Theoretical Study of Molecular Dynamics To Design An Ultra-nano- Filtration For Diazinon Removal In Water Median
Mahmoud Jokar, Mohammad Hassan Safaralizadeh, Farzin Hadizadeh, Fatemeh Rahmani and Mohammad Reza Kalani

Population Fluctuation, Host Preference, Damage And Control Of Western Flower Thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) On Some Vegetable Crops In Egypt.
Hanafy A. R. I.

Effect Of Two Control Tactics in The Integrated Pest Management On The Population Of Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) ( Lepidoptera : Gelichiidae) In Tomato Fields.
Mohamed Hassan Abd El rahman Soliman

Strategies to Enhance the Toxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis Against Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)
Heba A. Hassan and Marah M. Abd El-Bar