Current Issue

Vol. 3 Num. 2 2010

Alterations in the lactate dehydrogenase activity of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria by the wild plant Fagonia bruguieri (Zygophyllaceae).
Hamadah, Kh. Sh.; Basiouny, A. L. and Ghoneim, K. S.

Effect of interaction of bioinsecticides and a carbamate insecticide on the larvae of the cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (boisd.), by successive applications
Abd El-Kareem, S. M. I.1; El-Akad, A. S.2; Hussein, M. A.2; El-Banna, A. A.2; Fahmy, A. R.2; and Bekheit, H. K.1

Pilot study of population density and biodiversity index of Mantodea fauna in El-Fayoum governorate- Egypt
Rabab F. Sawaby - Hayam El-Hamouly and Mohammad G. El-Din Nasser

Description of a new phytoseiid mite species (Acari: Phytoseiidae) from Egypt with a special reference to its biology
Amal H.M. Romeih 1; Reham I.A. Abo-Shnaf 2*; M.F. Hassan1; Marguerite A. Rizk 2

Monomorium moathi sp. n., a new ant species from Yemen (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) related to the salomonis-group
Abdulrahman S. Aldawood1; Mostafa R. Sharaf1 ; Cedric A. Collingwood2

Protease Mediated Resistance Mechanism to Cry1C and Vip3A in Spodoptera litura U. P. Barkhade and A. S.Thakare
U. P. Barkhade and A. S.Thakare

Cladistic analysis of Egyptian horse flies (Diptera: Tabanidae) based on morphological data
Gawhara M. M. Abu El-Hassan; Haitham B. M. Badrawy; Salwa K. Mohammad and Hassan H. Fadl

Prevalence of dipterous flies with veterinary importance in selected sheep's farms and slaughter houses in Jazan, Saudi Arabia
Hanan , A. M. Bosly

A mathematical model for estimating the LC50 (or LD50) among an insect life cycle.
Reda F. A. Bakr1, Ahmad M. kamel 2, Sayed A. Sheba3 and Doaa R. Abdel-Haleem1

Diversity of some aquatic and aerial odonatous dwellers of the River Nile in Upper Egypt
Mohamed Z. Y. Aly; Khalid S. M. Osman; Ibraheem E. E.; Ahmed M. Nour

Biological effects of some insect growth regulators on the house fly, musca domestica (diptera: muscidae).
Abo El-Mahasen, M.M.; Assar , A.A.; Khalil, M.E. and Mahmoud, S.H.

Insects attack citrus trees in Al- Qalyubiyah Governorate, Eygypt
Aida S. Kamel

Taxonomic and ecological studies on the new record, Ceroplastes cirripediformis Comstock, 1881, (Coccidae: Homoptera) at Qaliobiya governorate.
Reda F.A. Bakr1; Rawda M. Badawy1; Laila S. Hamooda1; Helmy, E2. and Sahar A. Attia2

Effects of the wild plant, Fagonia bruguieri on the adult performance and phase transition of schistocerca gregaria (orthoptera: acrididae)
Samira A. Aly1, Ahmed S. ElEbiarie2 and Khalid S. Hamadah3

A new predatory mite species of the genus Eustigmaeus (Stigmaeidae: Acari) from Punjab, Pakistan
Bilal Saeed Khan, Muhammad Afzal*and Muhammad Hamid Bashir

Total egg production and duration of development of the Callosobruchus maculatus (L.), (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)
Yahya, M. Abboud

تصحيح خطأ
Hoda Badary and Shaaban Abd-Rabou