Vol. 1 Num. 1 2008

Lethal efficacy of the chitin synthesis inhibitors flufenoxuron (cas-101463) and lufenuron (cga-184699) on Schistocerca gregaria (orthoptera: acrididae).
Bakr, R.F.; Ghoneim, K.S.; Al-Dali, A.G.; Tanani, M.A.2 and Bream, A.S.

Effect of Cascade, Oriza sativa bran extract and Karate on fine structure of the ovary of Schistocerca gregaria.
Mohamed A Hussein1; Laila S. Hamouda; Reda F. A. Bakr; Hassan H.A.;and Elsokary

Ultrastuctural changes in certain nymphal tissues of schistocerca gregaria (orthoptera: acrididae) by some chitin synthesis inhibitors.
Bakr, R. F.; Ghoneim, K. S.; Bream, A. S.; Al-Dali, A.G. and Tanani, M. A.

Efficiency of the chitin synthesis inhibitor lufenuron (cga-184699) on growth, development and morphogenesis of Schistocerca gregaria (orthoptera: acrididae).
Bakr, R. F.; Ghoneim, K. S.; Al-Dali, A. G.; Tanani, M. A. and Bream, A. S