Current Issue

Vol. 11 Num. 2 2018

Toxicity And Physiological Activity of Methoprene, A Juvenile Hormone Analog, Against Development and Metamorphosis of The Grey Flesh Fly, Parasarcophaga argyrostoma (Robineau- Desvoidy)(Diptera: Sarcophagidae)
Reda F. A. Bakr and Muhammad A. Tanani

Changes in Vitellogenic Proteins During The Reproductive Cycle of The Female Tick, Argas persicus
Nadia Helmy, Nawal M.Shanbaky, Wafaa A.Radwan, Reda F. A. Bakr, Dalia A.M. Salem and Amira E. Abd El Hamid

Seasonal Occurrence of Fruit Flies and Their Infestation Rates on Pomegranate Fruits at Assuit and Fayoum Governorates
Amira A. K. H. Negm, Nashat A. Ali and Ali A. Amin